Our Story

It all started one cold October evening when celebrating one of our friend’s birthday. On our way to the cozy bar expecting us all, despite our umbrellas, a horrible downpour soaked us to the bones. We ended up laughing at each other’s hair and drinking a bit more to get warm. « In wine, truth » they say so somehow we started talking about why we keep wasting money on common things, take umbrellas …to be more specific.

How come we have better phones, better cars, better anything but we’re still using the same umbrellas as tens of years ago ? So as crazy as it sounded that evening, we all agreed there’s room for more. Plenty of room. And the next day when the hangover was over, a couple of us decided to actually do something about it : make umbrellas worthy of nowadays. Hi-tech umbrellas. The kind that don’t flip around at the first gust of wind, the kind that can safely cover two people, sturdy, but lightweight and easily foldable, the kind that would last for more than a season.

So we started our research work, identified the best designers in the US and the UK, approached them and developed together special models that were brought to life in top performing factories around the world. Our focus was on using exclusively high-quality materials in order to get maximum quality. In 2015, only when we became sure this was no mumbo jumbo, we introduced our umbrellas on the market. Ever since, we sold more than 50000 pieces and we proudly gained as many happy customers who benefit from our Money Back and Replacement Warranty.

We didn’t stop there. We kept listening to our customers and developed a new line of travel accessories. The smart, unique, must-have type, genuinely user-friendly and versatile. And we won’t stop here either. Just keep an eye on us and join us on the journey for an EEZ-Y life.